Is it possible to open a custom link instead of a lightbox?


In case you need any of the following, the answer is most certainly yes. Learn more about it on the Custom links demo page.

  • Click on a thumbnail to open a website or a page on your site (in the same tab or new tab). Please note that you can automatically link to posts, pages, products, etc. using the Recent posts source which is better suited for this purpose.
  • Open YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosted videos in the lightbox. However, the RSS feed feature may be better suited to set up YouTube and Vimeo video galleries automatically.
  • Load HTML content such as a contact form in the lightbox.
  • Show a few random photos from a gallery as a home page or sidebar teaser, but have them link to the main page for this gallery. This is achieved by automatically applying a custom link to every photo in a grid, using the Shortcode Editor > General tab > Settings that affect the entire grid > Custom link override setting.
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This FAQ entry was posted in Behavior on July 2, 2015