Pinterest gallery


Pinterest is a very popular visual discovery and collection site. They are the pioneers of the vertical grid layout, which is the opposite of what Justified Image Grid offers (horizontal rows). With the vertical layout you lose sense of order (what comes after what), with the infinite scroll added to the mix, they give a sense of endlessness which is often undesired. With these put aside, it's a smart tool to curate a board of images. People pin images from all around the web and add them to boards based on certain niches. It gets much better when you find out that you can boost your blog posts with related galleries (boards) from Pinterest using Justified Image Grid. Create or find several smaller boards. Then make a Pinterest gallery with JIG from each board that corresponds to an article on your WordPress site.

A Pinterest gallery created from a Pretty Kitchens board

You can access the most recent 25 pins of any board or user with the RSS Feeds. This example shows a board from the user iewachka.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid link_target=_blank rss_url= rss_links_to=permalink rss_description=datetime]

What's the best use of a Pinterest gallery?

A small gallery in the sidebar on a lifestyle or creative blog. Visitors looking for inspiration will appreciate your handpicked content. It's recommended to keep thumbnail links pointed to the original Pin page on Pinterest instead of a lightbox.

What can be used as the source of a Pinterest gallery?

  • A user's latest Pins (across all/any boards).
  • Recent Pins from a certain board.
  • Up to 25 photos per feed. It's possible to combine multiple feeds.
  • Because images in the feed are rather small, they are less suited to be in lightbox galleries.

How do the settings look like?