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Welcome to the Justified Image Grid support center. It's the place where you will get answers.

How to receive support?

Follow these simple steps to get an answer as quickly as possible.

  1. If you have a general question, check out the FAQ.
  2. Make sure you take a look at the Documentation.
  3. When you get stuck, the Troubleshooting will likely help you out. It's a collection of answers from years of experience.
  4. Check the YouTube playlist for some short tutorials.
  5. In case you need to talk to the developer, leave a comment in the plugin's discussion on CodeCanyon.
  6. If you wish to do so privately, use the contact from on the CodeCanyon profile.

Guidelines for requesting support

They make the process as smooth as possible. Failing to follow these may result in unnecessary delays.

  • Always provide a link to the page where you are using Justified Image Grid. Don't just link to the home page and expect support to find JIG on your site. Should your content be password protected, please provide a password.
  • Please be advised that you'll just receive a relevant link if your question is already answered in the FAQ or the Troubleshooting guide. These hold the most detailed and comprehensive answers possible to the matters in question. They were written to expedite response time and to guarantee a complete answer to the most popular questions.
  • When your problem requires a closer look, you'll be asked to provide admin login to the WordPress Dashboard of your site and optionally FTP access. It's your responsibility to provide a temporary account and never share your own password.
  • If you "up" your ticket (send a new email) it'll get pushed to the end of the ticket queue, delaying the reply.
  • Always ask for post-sales support from the account you used to purchase Justified Image Grid.
  • It's not required to provide your purchase code. All the offered support routes include automatic purchase verification.
  • Do NOT request support on Twitter. It's not possible to adequately answer in 140 characters nor to verify your purchase.

Terms of Support

  • Expect a reply in 1-3 business days, usually much sooner.
  • Support is free, but limited to 6 months after purchase. You may extend this period on CodeCanyon.
  • Technical support is provided directly by the developer and is not outsourced.
  • There is a fair use policy. To ensure sustainable support, free assistance is only guaranteed until 4-5 queries in a support period.
  • Customizing Justified Image Grid or changing your theme is not covered. Make a feature request instead.
  • Installation and setup is not included. Please refer to the documentation to get started.
  • Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prior to creating a support request.
Envato Market item support definition and guidelines for buyers
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Read the definition of support on CodeCanyon!

Support philosophy

The developer of Justified Image Grid wishes to ensure the product works for you and your purchase doesn't go to waste. By merely contacting support, customers help making JIG better for everyone. Updates contain solutions to problems reported by users. Therefore, your support request is a valuable feedback.