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500px is a relatively new photo sharing site and community that lets users discover, share, buy/sell photos. It's increasingly popular and often used by talented creative people. They also use a justified layout. Why not let those photos shine the same way and pull the most recent content to your WordPress site? You'll continue to manage them on 500px and all, but a teaser - for example in the sidebar or footer - on your site is always good. Drive traffic to your 500px portfolio from your blog!

A teaser strip 500px gallery

Show just one row of your latest content, as a gallery. You can find a link in the lightbox as a way to the 500px photo page.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid preset=18 row_height=120 lightbox=photoswipe mobile_lightbox=photoswipe max_rows=1 rss_url=https://500px.com/olehenrikskjelstad/rss rss_links_to=image rss_description=none rss_link=yes rss_link_text="Go to this photo on 500px"]

Source: olehenrikskjelstad

500px gallery from a user's recent photos

This example gets the 20 most recent photos from a photographer called Armadeus. The thumbnails link directly to the photo page on 500px, however they could also open in the lightbox.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid row_height=160 link_target=_blank rss_url=http://500px.com/Armadeus/rss rss_links_to=permalink rss_description=date]

Why show your new photos from 500px?

This is an easy way to insert a 500px gallery into your site that will update itself over time. If you struggle between updating your site and a portfolio on popular photo sharing sites, Justified Image Grid will help connect them.

What kind of photos can populate a 500px gallery?

How do the settings look like?