Jetpack Carousel


The Carousel lightbox from a plugin called Jetpack is very unique. Its EXIF display capability appeals to photographers. Also, it has the space to host a vast amount of captions. So in case you write novel-length descriptions for photos or telling a story, this lightbox is for you. Visitors can interact with your photos using the comments below each photo.

How does Jetpack Carousel look like?

It's a full screen lightbox that comes with a dark and a light theme. Click on the photos to see it in action!

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):
[$justified_image_grid preset=17 row_height=220 height_deviation=0 download_link=alt lightbox=carousel mobile_lightbox=no disable_cropping=yes image_categories=tenerife]

Special usage

Jetpack Carousel has limited special usage, but it's the only lightbox with 3 caption locations, 2 of which support HTML.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):
[$justified_image_grid preset=17 ids=14291 row_height=220 height_deviation=30 link_title_field=caption img_alt_field=alternate caption=reverse-fade overlay=others overlay_opacity=0.4 lightbox=carousel mobile_lightbox=no last_row=center]

Is Jetpack Carousel a good choice for me?

It has certain benefits that no other lightbox can offer. The most important is the commenting ability and the EXIF support.


  • Deeplinking
  • Responsive
  • Comments on photos
  • Display EXIF information
  • 3 captions
  • A light and a dark theme


  • Only for WordPress content
  • No social sharing
  • No video and iframe support

For the glossary of these terms and to find alternative solutions, see the lightbox comparison page.

Learn more about Jetpack Carousel on its project site!

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