Single picture


Justified Image Grid will display your single pictures from NextGEN - most likely you need that for the lightbox or caption options and for uniformity's sake. Flow a single picture to the left or right of paragraphs easily - right-to-left reading direction is also supported. The plugin gives you control over spacing and margin for a perfect alignment with your text. Your previously-added NextGEN single picture shortcodes can be hijacked too if you prefer. In case you add multiple NextGEN image IDs then their order will be respected in the resulting gallery. Use it when you need to explicitly tell the plugin what to show. It's great for a handful of photos that are better as part of the content than in standalone galleries.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid thumbs_spacing=10 margin="0 0 -6px" wrap_text=yes reading_direction=rtl ng_pics=792]

Displaying specific NextGEN images

These belong together in a custom order which is fully respected by Justified Image Grid.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid preset=13 ng_pics=476,477,478]

A single picture from NextGEN displayed at full width in a responsive fashion

Lightbox is not even necessary at this large row height. Say no to cropping at all times!

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid preset=4 row_height=700 lightbox=links-off disable_cropping=yes ng_pics=281]

Why display NextGEN's single pictures with Justified Image Grid?

You get to use JIG's visual styles and additional features that make your photos come alive.
They facilitate visitor interaction in form of lightboxes and mouse and touch activated captions.

  • Use single or multiple image IDs - images are shown in the specified order.
  • Flow text next to photos so they become a vital part of your content.
  • Great for content images and taking over already existing NextGEN single picture shortcodes.
  • You are not limited to thumbnails: display full width images without the need for a lightbox.
  • Every JIG feature is available, such as animated captions, lightboxes and special effects.
  • Be ready to impress your visitors with lively single pictures, not just with your galleries.

How do the settings look like?