Custom presets and authority


There are two types of presets. The ones you create and the built-in ones. They are a quick way to change the gallery styles and an excellent solution to re-use the same look. Custom presets are especially handy when you have distinct styles along your galleries or wish to change multiple settings for mobile devices. Using presets results in a clean shortcode and everything centrally manageable from the settings of JIG. When you change a custom preset, all galleries that use it update at once. It saves you from iterating over the same workflow, just to try new or seasonal looks.

Not that tweaky? Check out the built-in presets!

Custom presets and how they work

Justified Image Grid's admin area lets you load sets of predefined values, changing your current global settings.
It has an interface to store and change favorite combinations as custom presets.


Think of creating custom presets as taking snapshots of the global settings of Justified Image Grid. The workflow assumes you abundantly use the preset setting in your shortcodes. When you change the global settings and trying out new presets, all galleries without presets will reflect the changes. Once you decide which galleries should have the same style, just assign the preset to them, so they'll act as groups. For example, your wedding portfolios would have large thumbnails without captions while recent posts would have captions on smaller thumbnails. You can later change the look for these groups easily when you are in for a style refresh. All while leaving post and page contents untouched.

  • Create new preset based on current settings.
  • It allows you to duplicate any custom or built-in preset.
  • Name it how you like or have an automatic name.
  • Load & apply a certain preset.
  • Change settings and save to your preset.
  • Delete any custom preset.
  • Useful to store a combination of settings to restore later.

Preset authority: the 3 different setting types

You can toggle between blue and orange for any colored setting. It lets you define which settings are global.
The control is in your hands, which settings make their way into the presets and which pass through them.

Changing a setting to orange - example

Preset authority lets you change the "fate" of any setting with 1 click. Say, you realized you like a certain lightbox better but you already chose various presets for your galleries. Normally the lightbox choice is included in a preset. However, you can actually change the lightbox setting from blue to orange then all your galleries will switch to your desired lightbox.

Changing a setting to blue - example

If you checked out the Load More examples you perhaps noticed that a light and dark skin is included in form of CSS settings. Normally your site is either dark or light. This site is both, depending on the feel of each page - it's alternating between the two styles. By default, the Load More button's CSS setting is global (orange). On this site it is changed to blue so it now belongs to presets. This way a custom preset could be created that includes a dark Load More button.