How can I use the shortcode examples from this site?


Whenever you see this box under gallery examples, there are a few things to look out for...

[$justified_image_grid preset=19 last_row=center ng_pics=603,604]

  • Copy/paste it to the Shortcode Editor first. It's always best to pass the example through that tool.
  • Change the content source - you most likely don't want to show "NextGEN pics with the ID 603 and 604" from the above example. The source is not removed from the example shortcode, so you can see what is used for that specific example.
  • There are some additional settings that are only included for the example's sake and it's very likely that you don't need them. They make the examples short and compact by using a Limit, Max rows or Incomplete last row etc. If the example includes these, you might want to check them.
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This FAQ entry was posted in Technical on November 2, 2015