RSS feeds


What makes the RSS feed source great?

RSS feeds are the most flexible and fun sources. They contain the latest posted content by news sites, video channels, blogs, portfolio sites and whatever you might use daily (normally used by news reader software). Feeds open up the possibility add load content to Justified Image Grid besides the officially supported external sources. Since most feeds are media feeds - images are found for each entry - you can pull your recent portfolio items from your favorite creative site. The most popular sites are verified to work with Justified Image Grid.

I don't know the RSS feed URL for the desired content!

Don't worry, the plugin has that covered. Just have the link you'd normally share with your friends. In this case, your friend is the Shortcode Editor. There is a built-in tool that recognizes normal links and turns them into the corresponding RSS feed URLs. This way you do not need to figure it out by yourself!

Sites recommended to be used with the RSS feeds source

They have a semi-dedicated support - JIG can convert regular links to RSS feed URLs for these.
This is an index page for the RSS feeds source, which is not limited to these sites.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):
[$justified_image_grid preset=c11 row_height=180 height_deviation=0 caption_bg_color=#40271b v_center_captions=yes overlay_color=#40271b specialfx=off quality=100 last_row=match-center disable_cropping=yes recent_posts=yes recents_description=custom_post_metadata post_metadata_fields=_yoast_wpseo_metadesc recents_title_override=custom_title recents_post_type=page recents_parent_id=5665]

How does the RSS feeds source work?

Learn all the benefits and possibilities, you are very close to show anything you need with JIG.

  • Show your photos from image sharing or photography sites, even if it's not listed here. Check if your favorite site has RSS feeds with images to be sure. When it doubt, ask a pre-sales support question.
  • Merge multiple feeds together and the entries will be sorted by date. This increases the amount of items in your gallery and creates an aggregated stream of recent photos. Not all feeds have date information or correct timestamps.
  • With Youtube and/or Vimeo feeds, it's possible to set up a video gallery by opening videos in the lightbox.
  • Best suited for recent content, as most feeds are limited to 20-50 entries.
  • Use content from other WordPress sites: append /feed to the URL of WordPress blogs that are on their own domain. It works with archive pages such as tags and categories. The posts must have featured images!

What can I display as caption?

  • Entry title is shown by default, and you can set the description to one of the following:
  • Full description from the entry text.
  • Automatic excerpt: derived from the entry text, but limited to a certain number of words, and cut with custom characters, for example [...] or ...
  • Just the date or both date and time, in WordPress' format.
  • Nice time like on Facebook (e.g. 35 minutes ago).
  • Display nothing, if you wish.

What other options do I have?

  • Click on a thumbnail can open the image in a lightbox or point to the feed entry's permalink (same tab, new tab or lightbox).
  • If you are displaying content in the lightbox, JIG can still include the permalink there, with customizable text.
  • Caching time, that reduces the load on the target server, delaying new content by a certain amount of time.
  • Use any styling setting, preset or lightbox choice Justified Image Grid offers.

Advanced use ideas

Since an RSS feed is basically an XML document, you can expand the possibilities even more with coding experience or by hiring a freelancer. The following ideas are not advertised as out of the box, albeit achievable due to the fact that JIG parses an RSS feed which can be crafted according to your specific needs.

  • Walk FTP folders to create a list of images in form of an RSS feed and display that with Justified Image Grid.
  • Use a 3rd party site's API to pull images or videos into a feed, using server-side scripting.
  • Data from another CMS can be outputted as an RSS feed, allowing JIG to load its content.
  • Justified Image Grid automatically figures out the image dimensions needed by its layout.

Disclaimer: Feed URLs are subject to change by the sites without notification. This source does not use the APIs of the indicated sites and the ability to connect to them is purely coincidental. Justified Image Grid works with content present in the feed at any given time and doesn't store old entries like a news reader. You must not depict content as your creation that you do not own the rights to.

How do the settings look like?