Infinite scroll


Infinite scroll is an effortless way to split up a big gallery and progressively load the content. As the user scrolls, more images get fetched. A gallery with Load more: Infinite scroll should come last in your page or post. Content after it like the footer might be hard to reach.

There is an offset - a number - which tells the plugin when to load more images. This is measured from the apparent bottom of the grid. By default, it's 100 pixels before you could see the Load more button, that is there for a number of reasons. It shows you that loading is in progress and how much content is left. It waits for the current batch to load, before starting the next one.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):
[$justified_image_grid preset=c9 orderby=rand last_row=flexible load_more=scroll load_more_limit=10 ng_tags_gallery=orange,purple,red]

Did you notice it?

Load more (most noticeably infinite scroll) intelligently queues images. It waits for the current batch to finish before starting the next one. Just in case your visitor is impatient and scrolls very fast or has a slow connection.

Check out the normal Load more too!