Beta testing and custom feature requests


Beta testers wanted

Upcoming big features of Justified Image Grid always go through testing. Once the ideas get implemented, all customers who noted their interest get a chance to try them in an early access beta. There is always a need for new testers as they generally focus on one feature and may not be interested in all future efforts. Your suggestions will be given huge weight during development. Beta testing is not a paid offer, there aren't any financial incentives or discounts. The real benefit is that you get to direct and oversee the development of your desired feature and become part of a successful product. If you'd like to apply for beta testing, send a support query and/or just request a feature!

Custom(er) feature requests - paid and free

When you request a feature, it'll get evaluated into three possible categories.

  • Highly interesting: you can get it for free, so will the public - eventually.
  • Mildly interesting: paid customizations, majority of the public wouldn't benefit from it.
  • Not interested: very specific needs that are better solved by a freelancer, request gets rejected.

Since the developer is not available for freelance work, only requests that are constructive for the future of the plugin (benefiting others too), and challenging or interesting are considered. Turning Justified Image Grid into bloatware is unwanted, thus no request is rushed into completion, but carefully considered if it's worth including or not.

Your ideas build Justified Image Grid

Ever since day one, customer ideas highly influence development.
The developer listens to your insights, after all you are the ones that really use the plugin.

Check out the changelog to see the evolution behind this plugin!

Customizations are not exclusive

Please note that any paid feature or customization request may end up in the public release eventually, if the developer found it appealing. The price for custom work greatly expedites development of the needed feature to be included in your version, but does not grant you exclusive use of your idea or request. Your custom request may get included in Justified Image Grid without any further notice at any time, unless you requested to be notified.

What kind of ideas are beneficial?

Feel free to ask for something that has already been requested, this strengthens the need for said feature!

Popular requests include more sources, lightboxes, extra visual settings for the horizontal justified layout, UI improvements, 3rd party plugin compatibility, better filtering, pagination, horizontal scrolling, social features, responsive improvements, performance / bug reports etc.

However, certain areas are currently out of scope of development and are not worth requesting. Among these are: use of any lightbox outside JIG, Pinterest layout (vertical/columns), rearrange animation for filtering, TimThumb alternatives, NextGEN specific eCommerce or lightbox features, non-WordPress version.

Warranty void if changed - customizations affect your ability to update

It's worth considering that beta software is not meant to be used in production and is provided as-is without any warranties. Beta testing is about working out the best way for a feature to work, and the road that leads up to completion is treacherous. While beta versions can and should, custom versions shouldn't be updated, or the changes may get lost. You can always re-request the files for your customization for free, should they get lost. Also, you may request re-customization for an additional fee if you wish to update to the latest version.

Some of the treasured Justified Image Grid beta testers

Carlo Bezoari, Kevin Lewis, Alexander S. Kunz, Gopal Metro, Ricardo Torres, Nathan Wells, Gert Vardja, Jérôme Jeanne, Nicols Dennis, Gautama Swamy, Titusz Fabian (QA)