Privacy Policy


What information is collected and how?


  • Voluntarily provided: real name, user name, website URL, WordPress administrator login username and password, FTP login and password, links to social profiles, reviews, testimonials, remarks about the product or support service.
  • Automatically provided by the system in result of your previous actions: email address, user avatar, Google+ profile photo, purchase code, status of CodeCanyon support, amount of licenses purchased and when.


  • FAQ and Troubleshooting: helpfulness vote choice.
  • Reviews: your "loving" status for any review.
  • Vote choices and statuses are stored on your machine in a cookie-like local storage data value. However, your choice is only used to increment or decrease a number on this site and is not tracked back to you. IP address is logged to prevent duplicate votes.
  • CodeCanyon reviews: username, review, rating reason, star-based rating.
  • From your CodeCanyon user profile: avatar, country, links to social profiles.
  • Typeform review: star-based rating, rating reason, review, real name, country, URL where you use JIG, link to a page where a photo of you can be found, email address.
  • Google Analytics collects information from your visit and use of the site.
  • Traffic passes through CloudFlare and AWS, so your IP address and the pages you load are visible for them.


  • For automatic updates: Voluntarily provided purchase code, website URL, current plugin version.

What will this information be used for?


  • Access details will only be used for support purposes and during the request is fulfilled.
  • Your contact information is only used for communication during support and as a way of notification when requested features are released. It's never shared with anyone nor used for marketing.
  • Other information may be used to form a review on the Reviews page.
  • Your website may get listed on the Live customer usage page.
  • Your support requests are stored securely indefinitely in a private Gmail account or publicly on CodeCanyon.


  • Voting and loving choices are used to determine the usefulness/quality and therefore the order at which that content is displayed and if it should be changed.
  • A review may be published on the Reviews page, with any voluntarily provided and publicly available data used for filling the gaps in order to form a complete and credible review.
  • Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google. Google utilizes the data collected to track and examine the use of, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use the data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network. Personal data collected: Cookie and Usage Data. Place of processing: USA. Find Google's privacy policy here.


  • Purchase code is verified via the Envato API for validity.
  • Your site URL is stored and compared with future automatic update requests, to prevent using one license on more than one site.
  • Your website may get listed on the Live customer usage page or associated with your review.
  • Current plugin version is used to compare with the latest version, whether or not you should receive an update package.

How is user information protected?

  • This website is not intended to handle confidential information. Information passes through unencrypted.
  • Information between your site and the automatic updates service is encrypted.
  • Your passwords remain on a Gmail account. While your site's administration area or your FTP server is never accessed from a public hotspot, it's your responsibility to only give out temporary access details and never share your own password.

How can visitors change associated information or ask questions about this privacy policy?

All inquiries are handled via a support request using the contact from on the CodeCanyon profile page. It's possible to:

  • Remove your site from the automatic update database (reset the license).
  • Remove or change your publicly shown review and all associated data.
  • Adjust how your site is displayed in the Live customer usage or remove it completely.
  • Request to delete support tickets containing information that is no longer relevant.
  • Revoke your FAQ and Troubleshooting usefulness vote choices or Review loves by using the voting interface again until your choice is saved by your browser.


This policy might change in the future. You will not be contacted about the changes, however date of changes and additions will be listed.