This is a visual list of all features Justified Image Grid has to offer, like a sitemap. JIG presents its own feature demo pages. Each gives an in-depth look about a specific feature. You can always access everything from the mega menu as well.

Visual features

These are all about the looks. How can you adapt JIG to your existing design? What effects can you use to enhance a gallery? What's actually behind the buzzwords? Combining design settings opens the possibility to find new and exciting looks.

Behavior features

How does the plugin work? What extras can help your gallery to be faster? What can grids open besides photos?

Content sources

How do you setup galleries? Where to create albums? It's easier than you think because it uses sources you already know.

Everything below is a link. Each title takes you to a tour page for that content source. Furthermore, each link is a dedicated demo page. This ensures you get an adequate amount information about the specific usage you have in mind.



The built-in styles ensure you never start from scratch. They are 1-click ways to begin your journey with JIG. Once you dig deeper, juggling custom presets will allow you to control the look of entire gallery groups with ease.


Two admin areas satisfy the need to control everything. Either on a global scale or changing each gallery individually.

Everything else

  • Continuous updates as new feature suggestions and customization requests spotlight areas to improve.
  • WPML and Translation ready. Entire admin area and user input settings as well.
  • Includes Spanish translation.
  • Adds images to XML Sitemap with WordPress SEO plugin by Joost de Valk.
  • Right click protection against theft on thumbnails and in the lightboxes.
  • Download link with browser pop-up to save the image.
  • Ability to use multiple instances on one page.
  • Built-in breadcrumbs for NextGEN Gallery, Flickr and Facebook sources.
  • Animated GIF and transparent PNG support.
  • Shortcode processing in captions.
  • Selectable crop zone for fixed aspect ratio thumbnails.
  • Display gallery or the lightbox for members only (optional).
  • Limit the gallery in blog view and archives, to expand only on the single view.
  • Enable tagging and categorizing in WordPress media library.
  • Custom CSS and JS.
  • A simplified gallery can show up in feeds.
  • Conditional script loading - plugin files will only load when needed, not affecting other pages.
  • Unconditional script loading with AJAX theme support.
  • jQuery load management for your site - location and version.
  • Rewritable URL slugs.
  • Changeable shortcode handle name.
  • 1-click settings import/export with optional encryption.
  • Uses the best mouse enter/leave animation solution, hoverFlow for jQuery without animation queue buildup.

Customer support and helpful resources

More features?!

  • Learn more about each individual setting by taking a look at the screenshots (Settings, Shortcode Editor) and the Documentation.
  • Your desired feature is not listed here? Submit a feature request then beta test it!
  • Further questions? Check the FAQ.
  • Would you like to submit a presales inquiry? Support answers those as well!