Social Gallery


The greatest selling point for Social Gallery is definitely the ability to comment on individual photos. You can use Facebook or Disqus comments to increase visitor engagement and in turn, get more visitors. Various social sharing buttons are included in the lightbox so your content can spread easier. The looks are familiar to Facebook users, as the lightbox was inspired by it.

Social Gallery
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How does Social Gallery look like?

It's similar to the Facebook lightbox. Click on the thumbnails to open it!

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid preset=13 lightbox=socialgallery mobile_lightbox=no limit=11 ng_gallery=25]

Facebook style usage

This example hosts just a few thumbnails while showing the rest in Social Gallery. Just like opening a Facebook album from the timeline.

That Facebook ID is unauthorized for use, please go to Settings and add it.
The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid link_title_field=title img_alt_field=off lightbox=socialgallery mobile_lightbox=no max_rows=1 facebook_id=19614945368 facebook_album=10151999693490369]

Who is Social Gallery for? How is it different from other lightboxes?

It's mainly recommended for those that need commenting feature and wish to spread their photos across social networks.


  • Facebook or Disqus comments
  • Google Adsense compatible
  • Social sharing to various networks
  • Tagging photos by face detection
  • Themes and animations
  • JIG specific features (social overlay)
  • Built-in download link for pictures
  • It's a WordPress plugin with many settings, this also means it can also be used for non-JIG, individual images on your site.


  • Only one caption from the photo metadata.
  • Not compatible with lightbox groups by JIG.
  • Not responsive (mobile addon available as an extra).
  • No video and iframe support.
  • No deeplinking (but Social Gallery photo pages).

For the glossary of these terms and to find alternative solutions, see the lightbox comparison page.

Check out the official site of Social Gallery for more examples!

How do the settings look like?