Flickr Albums (Photosets)


Flickr Albums are the primary containers for photos, they represent a "folder", for example a trip, a wedding or a specific theme in your portfolio. They can be included in the Collections-Albums hierarchy but can not contain further Flickr Albums. The photos, along with their order are fully respected and synced to your WordPress website through Justified Image Grid. The Shortcode Editor in lets you visually pick the desired Flickr Album from your selected user. Their associated metadata - title and description - can be shown on the thumbnails and in the lightbox. Tags (keywords) will be used for Filtering on the front-end by your visitors.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid preset=3 row_height=250 height_deviation=100 link_title_field=off img_alt_field=off prettyphoto_theme=dark_square caption=off loading_background=#222 flickr_user=59196886@N07 flickr_photoset=72157629686253539 flickr_link=yes]

Source: IceDrift Flickr album by Andras Piroska

Like what you are seeing? Add Flickr Albums to your site in no time!

You'll love the elegance of this integration. The setup is quite easy - the Flickr Album selection screen is just minutes away. No longer should you be torn by a decision - whether to populate your site or Flickr with your wonderful photos.

How do Flickr Albums work?

Get ideas from this gallery. It has a little orton effect just behind the captions and a minimal style to complement almost 200 photos. They open in the excellent PhotoSwipe 4. This Flickr Album is the courtesy of Dirk Deckx from his Nepal trip in 2013.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid preset=c9 row_height=150 height_deviation=50 caption=fade caption_opacity=1 caption_bg_color=transparent caption_text_shadow="0 0 5px black" loading_background=#222 overlay=off specialfx=captions specialfx_type=blur specialfx_options=amount:1.5,radius:0.2 specialfx_blend=0.9 lightbox=photoswipe mobile_lightbox=photoswipe limit=0 last_row=flexible load_more=click load_more_count_text="(*count* photos left)" load_more_limit=25 flickr_user=85468822@N05 flickr_photoset=72157633460275935]

How do the settings look like?