Straight to lightbox albums


The lightbox albums are really useful when you have many albums with a few pictures in each. In case you wish to use any of the Facebook overview modes the lightbox albums feature is just one click away. Lightbox albums open images that hide behind the cover picture of the desired album. The content is individually grouped so in order to see another album's pictures you'd simply open a different one. Albums are kept separate and not merged into one big group. Lightbox albums especially look good with a big wall (full width) format you can observe here, with captions below the thumbnails.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid preset=20 title_field=title caption_field=description caption_height=64 overlay_icon=on outer_shadow=none lightbox=foobox mobile_lightbox=foobox limit=33 last_row=center facebook_id=192188684757339 facebook_album=overview_only_albums fb_lightbox_album=yes]

Why is the lightbox albums feature useful?

Opening albums in place is much quicker than navigating back and forth between the overview and content pages.

  • Skip breadcrumbs, skip additional steps to see the actual content.
  • Skip auto-generated pages for albums, everything can stay on one page.
  • Most lightboxes support the grouping concept that this setting requires.
  • It's tailored for many albums with a few items. It's better to use the traditional way for albums with a lot of content.
  • Do not use if you show more than a few hundred photos in total, as every photo is prepared to be shown in the lightbox.
  • The first picture becomes the album cover so you start viewing each album at the beginning.