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Vimeo is for showing off your creative skills. Most Visual Effects professionals publish their reels there. Lots of photographers upload their time-lapse videos. It's the home of the best GoPro videos. And the list goes on. There is just more professional content than on YouTube, and a reason for that is the excellent quality and the great community. Time to let go of counting views and hitting interruptive ads. You have several options to show content from Vimeo through RSS Feeds. Justified Image Grid creates an automatically-updated Vimeo gallery on your WordPress site, effortlessly.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):
[$justified_image_grid preset=17 row_height=200 height_deviation=70 prettyphoto_theme=dark_rounded lightbox=prettyphoto limit=6 last_row=match disable_cropping=yes link_target=video rss_url=, rss_links_to=permalink rss_description=none rss_link=yes rss_link_text="Watch on Vimeo"]

Video sources: Simon Christen, Project Yosemite

Showcase your amazing Vimeo content in WordPress!

Justified Image Grid makes this task simple, via RSS feeds. Find a spotlight area on your site for the most recent Vimeo content. The setup is easy and you'll quickly get a beautiful Vimeo gallery. Also, utilize the full range of JIG's visual styles!

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):
[$justified_image_grid row_height=130 height_deviation=0 link_title_field=description img_alt_field=title caption=reverse-fade caption_opacity=1 caption_text_shadow="1px 1px 0 black" gradient_caption_bg=yes overlay=others overlay_color=#003d68 overlay_opacity=0.3 specialfx=hovered specialfx_type=glow lightbox=magnific mobile_lightbox=magnific loading_background=#222 last_row=match link_target=video rss_url= rss_description=nicetime rss_link=yes rss_link_text="Go to Vimeo"]

Video source: GoPro

What videos are available to source a Vimeo gallery?

  • Any user's videos and/or likes.
  • Your profile specific feeds: Subscriptions, Shares and Watch Later.

What are the specific options for a Vimeo gallery?

  • Display up to 25 videos (this is a limit imposed by the RSS feeds of Vimeo).
  • Provide an optional link back to the original video page on Vimeo. You can change the text of this link.
  • Play the videos in the lightbox or navigate to Vimeo directly (same tab or new tab).

Please note that currently Vimeo's feeds are broken in a way that they don't include title and description (they used to). Also they have malformed XML, so JIG uses a workaround to still show them (coming soon in v4.0.2 - beta available).

How do the settings look like?