YouTube gallery


Use Justified Image Grid to create an automatically-managed YouTube gallery. As you publish new content on YouTube, the gallery on your site will include your latest videos. It's especially useful for "recent content" sidebar galleries. This solution can display the first 30 videos from any YouTube channel. For more control over which videos you intend to show, YouTube playlists are available, with up to 50 videos per YouTube gallery. The following is an example of a YouTube gallery from a channel, displayed in a full-width wall format.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):
[$justified_image_grid preset=17 thumbs_spacing=1 prettyphoto_theme=dark_rounded caption_field=off overlay=hovered overlay_color=#472e8e overlay_opacity=0.75 lightbox=prettyphoto min_height=700 disable_cropping=yes link_target=video rss_url= rss_links_to=permalink rss_description=description rss_link=yes rss_link_text="Watch on YouTube"]

Video source: ChilloutDeer

Why create a YouTube gallery with Justified Image Grid?

It's a set it and forget it way to show YouTube videos. If you are a regular content publisher, vlogger or create tutorials, this makes a great connection between your YouTube profile and your WordPress site.

  • Create a YouTube gallery of recent videos from a channel (user).
  • Show any playlist including Liked videos, Favorites, custom and auto-ordered and auto-generated playlists.
  • Provide an optional link back to the original video page on YouTube. You can change the text of this link.
  • Play the videos in the lightbox or navigate to YouTube directly (same tab or new tab).
  • Custom solution, in the paths of the legacy RSS feature. Instead, the YouTube gallery is based on scraping pages and is subject to change as YouTube's layout updates. Expect JIG to follow changes until an API-based solution gets implemented.

How do channels work?

  • Show up to 30 videos from a channel.
  • Show any user's recent videos (a channel).
  • First few lines of the video description is available for display.
  • Regarding date, the nice date "2 hours ago" is available for display.
  • Multiple YouTube channels can be merged, like real RSS feeds.

How do playlists work?

  • Show up to 100 videos from a playlist.
  • Link back to the owner is available to display for playlist videos. For example, "by TaylorSwiftVEVO" where the name is a link.
  • No description or date info is available to display for a playlist-based YouTube gallery.

This is an example of a YouTube gallery sourced from a playlist by Veritasium.

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):
[$justified_image_grid preset=16 row_height=280 height_deviation=60 caption_opacity=0.9 caption_bg_color=#262435 caption_text_color=#fc8a3a lightbox=magnific mobile_lightbox=magnific last_row=flexible-match link_target=video load_more=click load_more_text="Show more" load_more_count_text="*count* Veritasiums left" load_more_limit=8 rss_url= rss_description=description rss_link=yes rss_link_text="Watch this on YouTube"]

How do the settings look like?