Hello Firsh ! you are a wonderfull Man ! I do not expect to receive an answer as quickly .. you were very fast and I thank you very much … because I’m French and I was not careful enough with preset authority … you open my eyes … really, it is a pleasure to work with your creation … I do not know English enough to tell you what I think, but really, it’s magic thank’s one more time …

overall experience
Jean Claude
Art et Sol
written in France
as a CodeCanyon comment
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This is an incredibly powerful piece of software that completely changed the dynamics of our website. On the fly galleries and multiple sourced RSS image and social networking feeds have given our clients exactly what they need from our website. Customer service is top shelf. Firsh quickly responded to our issues and made sure we were on the right path. Five star service, five star product.

customer support
Michael Muratore
written in the USA
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