It has for sure certain complexity but what you get in Flexibility, Customizability, Feature Availability, Documentation and last but not least Customer Support is awesome, is unbelievable. The plugin is in use for a portal driven by the needs of a group of photographers and thanks to JIG we could satisfy all requirements.

Ernst Wilhelm Grueter
written in Germany
as a CodeCanyon review
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I must have tried at least twenty gallery/portfolio plug-ins before I found Justified Image Grid, and I'd pretty much given up on finding one that would do the things I wanted it to—none of which seemed complicated to me—but when I did one last search I found JIG. I posted a question or two before purchasing and got a response that SAME DAY—some of the people I messaged with questions NEVER answered, and the ones who did generally took days to do so. I purchased JIG and asked more questions about customization, every time getting answers quickly. I cannot BEGIN to tell you how happy I am with this plug-in and its creator. I wish he made ALL of the plug-ins I have to use, because his customer service is the best I've gotten by FAR, on any plug-in I've purchased, and this plug-in is by FAR the easiest to use and customize.

customer support
written in the USA
as a Typeform answer
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