FooBox is my lightbox of choice, as soon as I found out about it I knew it would complement Justified Image Grid very well. Primarily, it's a responsive and social lightbox which means you'll be able to use it for all devices and desktops and it'll look and work everywhere. The author regularly updates the plugin and we often communicate about features to maintain the compatibility.


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FooBox is one of the best lightboxes available

It's a fully responsive WordPress lightbox plugin that has social sharing capabilities, slideshow, skins and many more amazing features!

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Basic usage example

HTML in the lightbox captions + download link + different captions on the thumbs

This example shows how you can use HTML in the lightbox and utilize the four different WordPress image metadata fields: title, description, caption, alt text. Display them in four different locations: two on the thumbnail, two in the lightbox! Also note the (optional) Download link inside the lightbox that prompts you to save the image.


  • Responsive
  • Supports videos and iframes
  • It's a WordPress plugin with its own admin area
  • Numerous well-thought, advanced settings
  • Excellent social sharing capabilities
  • Slideshow function
  • Can display two different captions
  • Has a full screen mode
  • Has deeplinking
  • Has styling options


  • It's not free

Note: These pros/cons are not a complete list, just pointers to help you choose a lightbox.

Click here to read more on the official FooBox site!

How do the settings look like?

Because the screenshots are large, they open in a new tab so you can zoom them with the browser and can read the text.