PrettyPhoto looks different than the demo, missing social sharing buttons


Only one or two social sharing buttons missing, seemingly randomly? Sometimes they appear, sometimes they don't?

  • First, rule out plugins in your browser that might prevent them from loading. Check from another browser or computer.
  • Tweet and Google+ buttons are not compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and lower.
  • Social sharing buttons change and JIG follows their changes. Meaning that old JIG versions are not compatible with the new buttons. Make sure you have the latest version, as always. If it still happens for you, contact JIG support immediately.

JIG bundles a customized prettyPhoto, which means its own version is needed for the extra functionality such as the four social sharers. Sometimes your theme already uses its own version of prettyPhoto. In this case you would not actually see double lightboxes, but one taking over the other (the most prominent symptom is missing social sharing buttons). While JIG makes efforts to overrule other prettyPhoto versions, it might not always be able to do that. It could also be that theme-specific CSS rules interfere with prettyPhoto (hiding the buttons), even if its JavaScript was taken over.

Multiple prettyPhoto JavaScript files in the page
  1. Right click on the page and choose Inspect. (Chrome, Firefox)
  2. Switch to the Network tab.
  3. Click JS (make sure it's selected).
  4. Reload the page.
  5. Find more than one line that includes prettyphoto and click on one of them.
  6. Observe the Response URL in the Header tab on the right.
  7. You can figure it out where the prettyPhoto comes from if you look at the path. It'll be your theme or a plugin. If you clicked the one that comes from JIG, keep looking for other instances.
  8. Find a way to disable the other instance of prettyPhoto. In themes, it's often not explicitly called prettyPhoto, but simply "lightbox".

If you've found another instance, it's worth noting that the theme tries to activate prettyPhoto using its own settings, which may include disabling social sharing. While it may in fact use JIG's version, the different settings can cause it to look like the original version. You can find code responsible for this by searching for .prettyPhoto( in your theme's custom.js or main.js or similar file.

Disabled social sharing buttons

It could be so that you've accidentally disabled social sharing buttons or individually toggled them. The Lightboxes tab > PrettyPhoto settings >  prettyPhoto social tools setting controls the entire sharing area, and the prettyPhoto social buttons setting controls them individually (with a default value of FTPG).

Different prettyPhoto theme

You looked at the JIG demos and particularly liked a look (e.g. it was a dark color theme), but yours is white? Don't worry, it's just a setting. Go to Lightboxes tab > PrettyPhoto settings > prettyPhoto theme and select the one you wish. If you don't know what the theme is called, you can always just inspect the shortcode below each demo on this site for more information.

This troubleshooting fix was posted in Lightboxes on June 24, 2015