Old jQuery, the JS is not loaded, Lightbox is skipped or other JavaScript errors


In case at least one of these happened:

  • You received a red "Your jQuery version is old" notice.
  • This message appeared: "The Justified Image Grid JS is not loaded".
  • The captions are not showing.
  • The lightbox is not working.
  • There is no animation on mouse over.
  • The gallery doesn't appear.

Then maybe your site uses an old jQuery version or loads jQuery twice.

  • In JIG settings > General tab > Advanced section > jQuery source select a different method. Other plugins or themes may override this plugin’s preference.
  • In your theme’s functions.php or header.php, look for the jQuery loading lines. Look it up by the version number JIG indicated. Remove those lines that wish to load an old jQuery.
  • When jQuery is loaded twice, the second instance overrides the first one. Any plugin or script loaded before the second instance, will appear not loaded. You can verify multiple jQuery instances on the Network tab of browser developer tools - right click on the page and choose Inspect (Chrome, Firefox).

Alternatively, wrong loading order or a faulty script with a syntax error is blocking further scripts on the page. To verify that open the browser console (right click, Inspect on Chrome or Firefox), and reload the page. JavaScript errors would start to appear if this is the case.

  • Disable JS minify/combine and do not use defer JS in your caching plugin if you use one.
  • Use a different version of jQuery (manage that in JIG settings), perhaps a script isn't compatible with the jQuery version you use. For example, $.browser is undefined error in the console.
  • Do not delete unwanted scripts from themes or plugins, but rather prevent them from getting loaded.
  • Disable JIG settings > General tab > Advances section > Conditional script loading in the if you use animated page switching or AJAX in your theme.
  • Disable CloudFlare's rocket loader. Use CloudFlare for its CDN feature, for that it doesn't need to change the page or modify the scripts.

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This troubleshooting fix was posted in Frontend no-show on June 1, 2015