JIG is unable to access content on my Flickr profile


Make sure the content is public. Photos marked with private/family privacy option or those that are age-restricted: "unsafe" are not available. Not all content on your profile needs to be public, only those that you wish to show with JIG.

With that said, make sure the profile you've added is in fact yours. Missing the option to show Collections, but you have those in your account? Feel like something is missing or you see Albums that are not yours? Similar problems are telltale signs that there is someone else with the same name as you, on Flickr. The username from the Flickr profile URL, your Yahoo username, and the Flickr display name (sometimes real name) can all be different. One of them may collide with another user's other name type. To avoid the confusion:

  1. Go to JIG settings > Flickr tab and remove any user you have added previously.
  2. Click Save changes.
  3. Enter your full Flickr profile URL to the Add a new Flickr user and hit Enter - example URL:
  4. Verify that the account is yours by looking at the small icon in the added profile's button. It must look familiar.
  5. Click Save changes.
This troubleshooting fix was posted in External content sources on June 19, 2015