I get this: There are no photos with those IDs


It may be surprising but this error may indicate just what it says. "There are no photos with those IDs or post * does not have any attached images!" You may have an empty shortcode or a malformed shortcode that defaults to being an empty shortcode. Without valid attributes belonging to an image source, a shortcode would just look for attached images of a post. You can check the following:

  • If you wish to show WordPress Media Library photos that are uploaded to the post, make sure they are in fact attached.
  • In case your shortcode contains the ids attribute, check if they actually exist in the media library. They may have been deleted since you created the shortcode. You could just use the automatic take-over feature, that replaces all native WordPress galleries, so there is no fiddling with IDs or shortcodes.
  • Maybe there is a typo in the shortcode or it is malformed and contains invalid attributes and values. Only use the Shortcode Editor to create and modify shortcodes. It should not contain line breaks or resemble any of the following examples.

If your shortcode looks like any of these, start over or correct the mistake.

Manual edit attempt:

 Bad: [$justified_image_grid=123]

 Good: [$justified_image_grid id=123]

Content and closing tag:

 Bad: [$justified_image_grid]content[/justified_image_grid]

 Good: [$justified_image_grid]

Slanted and unnecessary quotes (shortcode copied from somewhere other than this site):

 Bad: [$justified_image_grid ids=“1,2,3”]

 Good:  [$justified_image_grid ids="1,2,3"] or [$justified_image_grid ids=1,2,3]

Square brackets in attributes:

 Bad: [$justified_image_grid link_rel=gallery[1]]

 Good: [$justified_image_grid link_rel=gallery(1)] 

Coming up with your own attribute names that don't exist:

 Bad: [$justified_image_grid gallery=100]

 Good:  [$justified_image_grid id=100]

URLs that appear as clickable blue links in the editor:

 Bad: [$justified_image_grid overlay_icon=on overlay_icon_url=http://exampledomain.com/image.jpg]

 Good:  [$justified_image_grid overlay_icon=on overlay_icon_url=http://exampledomain.com/image.jpg]

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This troubleshooting fix was posted in Frontend no-show on June 1, 2015