The automatic take over feature doesn’t work


This is regarding the JIG Settings > General tab > Behavior of the plugin section > Take over and replace [$gallery] WordPress gallery shortcodes when you chose the Yes, act in place of the [$gallery] shortcode option.

Other plugins and your theme can also aim to replace the standard WordPress gallery. Sometimes the other solutions "win this race", not letting JIG to take over. It'll be like JIG is not there at all.

This is the most effective method to find 1 problematic plugin among a lot of other plugins, instead of trying one by one.

If you don't wish to follow this through, you can always just contact support, we'll do it for you. But it would be appreciated if you could resolve the 3rd party incompatibilities on your own, after all the problem doesn't stem from the plugin itself.

  1. Disable all other plugins besides JIG and see if the problem is solved.
  2. If disabling plugins worked, then re-enable half of them, check if JIG was still able to take over.
  3. If it still works, re-enable half of the remaining inactive plugins and so on.
  4. If re-enabling a bunch of plugins made the problem reappear, the culprit will be among that "half" you recently activated.
  5. Turn off half of those and check the results again.
  6. Continue halving until you find the problematic plugin.
  7. If you suspect the theme first, or if it wasn't any of the plugins, then switch to another theme, like one of the built-in themes of WordPress.

Whether or not it was the theme or a plugin, there could be a configuration option to disable their implementation of a gallery take over. If you are lucky this will be much like the setting in JIG that activates the take over functionality. If you cannot find the appropriate setting in the problematic plugin or in your theme, contact their support regarding this.

Trying to find the problem

With free plugins there might not be support available. Also, while ditching a plugin and replacing it with another may be easier, replacing a theme just because of this, is not an option. Therefore we must find the lines responsible for the take over functionality, in the 3rd party solution. This is a bit of an advanced use (looking at source codes) and requires you know at least some PHP.

Batch-search (with a tool like Total Commander or a good text editor) in the content of the theme PHP files or the plugin PHP files for any of the following:

The reason behind so many possibilities is the different coding styles. The first 4 will be a complete line and it's very likely that one of those 4 is found - it deactivates the standard WP gallery. But among the latter 4 is the one (incomplete) line that is actually responsible for adding new logic for the WP [$gallery] shortcode.

After making a backup, comment these lines out with either:

A single line comment 

Or a multi-line comment

Finally, don't forget to let us know what caused this, so the following list can grow.

Plugins known to cause problem with JIG's auto take over feature
  • Events Manager
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This troubleshooting fix was posted in Theme and plugin conflicts on June 23, 2017