How do I show an add to cart button in the lightbox with WooCommerce?


This is only for Justified Image Grid v3.8 or newer.

The simplest and cheapest way would be getting this plugin in addition to JIG:

It costs just $9 for a single license and it'll take care of all your needs regarding opening a quick view for your products, all from our justified grid.

JIG can work with it just fine just by changing a few settings. These are:

  1. Go to JIG settings / Shortcode Editor > Lightboxes tab and there:
  2. Change Lightbox type set it to Custom
  3. Set Link class to xoo-qv-button
  4. Set Custom attribute name to qv-id
  5. Enter *content* to Custom attribute value. This will add the product ID to each product thumbnail, letting the Quick View plugin know which product's data to show in the lightbox.
  6. Then you need to point clicks away from the product page and to the lightbox. This is achieved by Shortcode Editor > Recent posts > Click on a thumbnail links to and choose The image.

From this point, every JIG thumbnail will open the product's quick view in the lightbox. Currently, it's not possible to have two separate links on the thumbnail (one to open the lightbox and another to open the product page without a lightbox).

This FAQ entry was posted in Content sources on October 11, 2017