One image per row, one column, possible?


Yes it's possible, although there is no dedicated setting for this yet as it's just like a recipe. The components of this layout are variable and are specific to your theme and photos.

Most likely you need this for mobile devices. The guidelines are these:

  • Target row height in the range of 360 to 640.
  • Row height max deviation is irrelevant only when you use the Disable cropping setting (which is recommended).
  • For a more compact look, use a moderate row height with the same amount of height deviation, e.g. 360 for both settings. Do not disable cropping in this case.
  • Please note that the device in landscape orientation has less available height than a portrait thumbnail this way, but JIG will limit the thumbnail height to the screen height!
  • Consider disabling the lightbox.

For desktops only, things are different:

  • Set a very large row height, in the range of 800-1200 with 0 height deviation (irrelevant due to disabled cropping). The exact value depends on how thin your portrait images are, and how wide your content area can be. It's open to experimentation, there is no one size fits all magic value.
  • Always disable cropping.
  • Disable the lightbox, it will not be very useful in this setup.
  • Disable TimThumb unless your source images are large (above 1200px on average).

It's recommended to use the mobile versions of the core settings: Mobile row height and Mobile row height deviation because the recommended values are highly tailored to separate device types. Alternatively, create custom presets and use one for desktop and another for mobile devices.

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This FAQ entry was posted in Visual on June 25, 2015