Is it possible to have frontend upload for visitors?


Yes, but please note that it's not Justified Image Grid that handles frontend uploading. It's not a source by itself and does not manage images, but shows content from various sources. With that said, it simply uses the fact that certain frontend upload solutions are clever enough to attach images to posts. JIG can automatically show all photos that belong to a post

Here are some steps for a very simple solution, which of course can be tweaked further or replaced with another frontend upload solution:

  1. Install the free Frontend Uploader plugin.
  2. Go to or create a post on which you'll accept user uploads.
  3. Insert this shortcode:
  4. And also add this shortcode, where you wish to show a gallery of uploaded photos:
  5. You'll need to approve uploaded entries by default. You can do so in the Media > Manage UGC screen. This approval process can be turned off at Settings > Frontend Uploader Settings screen.
  6. Approved content will show up on the page automatically, it's that simple.

If you need something different or better, it's up to you to find a middleman plugin that does exactly what you need. In order for it to work with JIG, it'll need to meet these requirements:

  • Mandatory:
  • At least one of these is required:
    • Photos attached to the post or any specific post.
    • Photos tagged with a certain tag or category.

Pro tip: An excellent out-of-the-box way is asking your audience to upload content to a Flickr group. For example, when hosting a contest this provides a more solid foundation and a platform that photographers are familiar with. This also allows them to enter with a photo which already exists in their Flickr portfolio with a chance of added exposure for them. JIG can show Flickr Group pools with ease.

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This FAQ entry was posted in Achievable via 3rd party plugins on July 3, 2015