Can it load photos from Google+ or Google Photos (formerly Picasa)?

The solution below only works on existing Google Photos albums
On February 9th 2017, Google has changed it’s API and removed support for some basic functionality.
Unfortunately this means that RSS feeds cannot be generated anymore for newly created Google Photos albums.
The RSSerator can only generate RSS feeds for private and public albums created before February 9th. Casper Baghuis is reviewing other options, but Google has not provided an API for accessing Google Photos albums yet.

Yes! With Picasa recently discontinued and the Photos tab missing from Google+, all your photos are now just on Google Photos. You can easily access them via RSS feeds and put that into JIG.  Feeds from Google have excellent apabilities because the feed's photo count is not limited (unlike other sites' feeds), and photos come at a decent size! However, automatically figuring out the RSS feed URL based on a Google Photos album URL is not possible. Casper Baghuis (a valued customer) wrote an excellent article and how-to about Picasa and Google photos on your WordPress site all using Justified Image Grid. Recently, he also contributed a small tool to make your life easier and get access to your albums' RSS feed URLs!

September 27 update: This new method by Casper is confirmed to be working and is better and quicker than ever to get your RSS feed URLs!

Get your JIG gallery based on a Google Photos RSS feed
  1. Go to Google Photos RSSerator
  2. Click Sign in button
  3. After approving the permissions and having been logged in, you can choose the album you wish to show with JIG by clicking the blue RSS feed icon in its row on the right. Copy the URL of the feed. Your URL should look something like this:

  4. Use the Shortcode Editor to create your JIG gallery, now that you know the RSS feed URL. The result will be like this:
[$justified_image_grid rss_url= rss_links_to=image]

Change the &imgmax=1152 value at the end of the RSS feed URL to change what size your images will appear in the lightbox. For example, if you replace 1152 with 2000, you'll have images with 2000 px on the longer side.

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