A random looking grid even if my photos have the same aspect ratio?


Yes, of course it's possible. On this site, most demos feature photos that all have different aspect ratios by design. So the grids look nicely random. However, when you create your first gallery that consists of, say, 15 landscape shots and 3 portraits, it's not going to look that random. Obviously, false advertising is off limits, so there is a built-in solution called Randomize thumbnail width that will intelligently crop to an extent limited by your threshold. It will always crop the same amount from a given thumbnail at a specific row height, meaning it's a seedable random (just in case a photo is cropped in an undesirable way). It will not create an infinite number of thumbnails on your server. Furthermore, you can depend on the fact that the result grid will always look the same for your visitors. Of course, the lightbox version will remain untouched.

This FAQ entry was posted in Visual on June 25, 2015