Multiple albums


Selecting multiple albums from Facebook is a spin-off of the original overview of all albums feature. The key difference is that you might not want every album loaded, so simply select which ones to include. With a switch you can also "select to exclude". It's great to automatically include all upcoming albums but hide certain existing ones. You'd go with the exclude switch in this case. This page also illustrates having multiple Facebook overview galleries on one page!

Showing only the selected albums from a Facebook page

The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid limit=0 facebook_id=104137579724283 facebook_album="105728752898499, 105727716231936, 396151973856174"]

Source: Albums of Arrow (a TV show) on Facebook

Excluding certain albums but showing the rest from a Facebook page

Gotham » Gotham at Awardsline's Screening Series
The above example uses the following, generated shortcode (how to use):

[$justified_image_grid preset=3 limit=0 facebook_id=693029617393698 facebook_album="792128567483802, 931812486848742, 916904245006233, 787182654645060, 903588266337831, 900066496690008, 896573640372627, 787182561311736, 864625996900725" fb_album_exclude=yes]

Source: Albums of Gotham (a TV show) on Facebook

The multiple albums mode lets you be selective about what to display

It's a custom overview mode where you get to drop the albums to skip.