We have a lot of albums (why not when Flickr gives you 1TB !!!) and we have been searching for the last few years for a decent WordPress gallery or Flickr integration to display them. Because we are on VPS we have limited storage but otherwise good specs. Yours is by far the best (and easiest) one we have found so far that also allows us a lot of flexibility with source files. It has already replaced more than 170 individual pages on the site with just the 10 parent pages where we can now display the links to the underlying galleries without having to have a page for each individual gallery. We are very pleased with the functionality. We also purchased FooBox lightbox as that seems to fit our needs very well too.

Over the last few years we have used Gallery2, Coppermine and Phoca gallery when the site was on Joomla, and then we used NextGen gallery when we switched to WordPress. We've been using the 'Awesome Flickr Gallery' since NG was bought out and have always viewed it as a temporary solution. Yours does everything we want (so far) and we are very happy with it.

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