This plugin continues to be the most flexible, customizable and supported plugin for portfolios that I have ever been able to find. I've used it for many years and buy a new license every time I build a website with a focus on images (though it's also great for any kind of media because of it's immense flexibility).

I greatly appreciate the developer's commitment to keeping it updated, fixing bugs and compatibility issues as they pop up and also continuing to proactively innovate the plugin.
Their communication and willingness to help problem solve is nearly unparalleled in the 3rd party plugin world which makes this plugin all the more a 5-star product.

Beth Olson
written in the USA
as a CodeCanyon review
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Far and away the best gallery plugin of its type out there...  Whenever I start a new project, its the first thing I get my clients to go and buy - I won't build sites without it any more :)

I've wasted too many hours tweaking WP post or gallery outputs into something slick, stylish and responsive. And pulled out too much hair trying to battle against the various implementations of Masonry, lightboxes and the like. Justified Image Grid just works as you'd expect it to, and the customisation options mean you can pull it into pretty much any shape you like without breaking a sweat.

Combine this with the range of source options available (including post content, which is a genius addition), and the excellent customer support (Firsh is extremely generous with his time), and you've got a plugin worth every penny.

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