Our company, along with many other companies we work with, all have become dependent on JIG. AMAZING product - some many features and they all work flawlessly. I've never had an issue. Whenever I've talked to Firsh he is quick at getting back and fixes the issue (every time it has been a user error). It takes a while to learn the product but it's so worth it!!

design quality
written in the USA
as a CodeCanyon review
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Fantastic Support, VERY Helpful and no rude comments that some offer, very helpful with his clients and never gets annoyed with silly questions, basically about the best support I have found on CodeCanyon, as for the Plugin itself, very flexible, easy to use, so many features that I am sure I will not use them all, but so many possibilities, and totally customisable, would like to see more lightbox options. VERY good, if not great plugin, best money spent in ages...

customer support
James Sawle
written in Isle of Man
as a CodeCanyon review
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