I must say, part of the reason I went ahead and purchased your plugin was your incredible reviews.... and now you will have yet another INCREDIBLE REVIEW. You have truly went above and beyond with your support. I have spent the past several days dealing with Squirrly tech support and their standard answer is Always "we currently do not have that feature" ....no explanation and so on... the sad part is I paid 4 times the price of your plugin for theirs... and... admittedly... I went from 300 to 500 hits a day to now over 7000 a day... so it does work... I just hate their support. Mr. Firsh you are awesome! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

That was the email I sent the creator of this plugin after several days of work he put in to correcting things on MY site due to my SEO plugin not being compatible with justified image grid. Firsh created a custom plugin that has in reality zero load time to override what squirrly tech support refused to deal with. Now everything works perfectly due to Firsh and his dedication. If only all plugin creators were this dedicated. Thank you Firsh... and for everyone else do NOT hesitate to purchase from this developer... 100% top notch!

customer support
Jeff Billhimer
written in the USA
as a CodeCanyon review
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I've only been using JIG for a short while, but I already love it dearly. Every time I think about a minor detail that could use a tweak, it turns out that there's a setting or css I can change to make the gallery look just the way I want.

I had a minor issue with the combination of SiteOrigin Pagebuilder/NextGEN Gallery and JIG, but I managed to solve it (when JIG is set to "take over" all NextGEN shortcodes and all previously created NextGEN galleries, SiteOrigin Pagebuilder breaks down and just displays the original Nextgen shortcode instead of a gallery. Fortunately I was early into the site development and was able to swap all NextGen shortcodes for JIG shortcodes, so it all works fine now). I'm looking forward to launching my site :)

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written in Poland
as a CodeCanyon review
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