This is a very well designed tool making easy work of our image galleries hosted locally and our galleries hosted on Flickr. It has a great interface and lots of custom options. Customer support has also been great when needed -- extremely fast. I highly recommend this great product.

design quality
Jonathan Van Winkle
Spirit AeroSystems
written in the USA
as a CodeCanyon review
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I'm using JIG as a Grid much more than as a gallery. Reason? I found performance to be really zippy and customisable options incredibly thought-through and versatile. I guess with so much options it's bound to have a few option forks that may not be applicable under certain conditions. JIG is incredibly powerful as I could mix styling results with my custom queries to leverage on its render engine for showing my custom Grids. I guess having action/hooks would streamline the job further and I hope you'll be able include that as a feature in future too. Just to add, due to it’s insane versatility (without the usual plugin bloat), I found JIG to be perfect for rendering an extremely wide range of visual content. When combined with custom queries, everything just made sense.

overall experience
Dale Leung
written in Singapore
as a CodeCanyon comment
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