Every instance of the gallery is created by a shortcode. The shortcode editor presents a unique way of creating new and editing your existing shortcodes. Since the plugin has many options, keeping the shortcode attributes and their allowed values in mind would be hard. Not to mention understanding multiple-line shortcodes. Instead, this tool lets you create these with ease, and load them later to change the settings then re-create it. The shortcodes allow each gallery to look different, but all settings will default to the global settings, unless changed. Here, you can pick your Flickr or Facebook albums, specify NextGEN sources, and a lot more. Check out the screenshots below:

Because the screenshots are large, they open in a new tab so you can zoom them with the browser and can read the text.

What is the Shortcode Editor?

  • It's located in the visual editor of pages, posts and custom post types (if any)
  • Lets you create shortcodes
  • Lets you edit existing shortcodes
  • It's the way to select what to show with the gallery
  • It has contextual help for all options and example values for text field inputs
  • It can generate template tags from the shortcodes that you can put in your theme's PHP files so you can put the gallery anywhere in the site, not just post/pages or widgets